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The Echols County Board of Commissioners' goal is to thoroughly serve the citizens of Echols County by addressing all issues and concerns. One way we do this is by continually striving to find better ways to be more efficient and effective in the way we deliver the services our citizens have the right to expect.

This website is a good source of information intended to make Echols County Government more accessible. Whether you are checking out our calendar of events, viewing our gallery or the date of the next commissioners meeting, we hope your visit to our site is pleasant and useful and that you will come back again.
Quality of life is unmatched and our citizens enjoy the quiet purity of nature in a place where you are treated like family. This website provides all the information you need about our county and its government.

It is the responsibility of the taxpayer to notify the office of the Tax Assessors of any changes to their property (Tax Payers Return of Real Property - PT50R) between Jan 1st and April 1st of the year following the year when the changes were made.
The Tax Assessors do not visually inspect every parcel in the county every year; therefore, for the return to stay current the tax payer must notify the Assessor's office during this period in order for their tax bill to be prepared correctly. It is the objective of the Board of Assessors of Echols County, that all tax payers be treated fair, equal and accurate.

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Echols County
Millage Rate ~ 33.160
Taxes due by
December 20, 2013

The Board of Commissioner's meeting will be held at 7:00 pm at the BOC's Building. A work session will be held beginning at 6:30pm. 

Board of Education Meeting
The next meeting will be the first Tuesday of every month at 7:30pm at the Echols County Board of Education Building.
Board of Assessors Meeting
The next meeting will be the first Tuesday of every month @ 6:00pm at the Tax Assessors office. 
48-5-490. Mobile homes owned on January 1 subject to ad valorem taxation.
Every mobile home owned in this state on January 1 is subject to ad valorem taxation by the various taxing jurisdictions authorized to impose an ad valorem tax on property. Taxes shall be charged against the owner of the property, if known, and, if unknown, against the specific property itself. CLICK HERE FOR THE PDF OF THE COMPLETE LAW!

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