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Hours - 8am - 4:30pm Phone - 229-559-5253
Tax Commissioner's OfficeThe office is open from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday.

The following holidays are observed:  New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King’s Day, President’s Day, National Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day.

Our Duties To Estimate Property Tax Bill - CLICK HERE.

It is the responsibility of the Tax Commissioner to bill, collect and disburse *Advalorem Tax for the State; County; School; School Bond. The office is audited once a year by both the County and State Auditor.

The types of taxes collected are real (real estate) and personal property (boats, motors, airplanes), business personal property, timber, heavy duty equipment, mobile home, motor vehicle and sanitation.

The office also collects fees associated with vehicle registration (tag and title) for the residents of the County on behalf of the Department of Motor Vehicle Services.

*Advalorem Tax is a tax based on 40% of the fair market value set by the Tax Assessor’s office or the Department of Revenue.

Property Tax Digest  Bills  To Estimate Property Tax Bill - CLICK HERE.
What is a Digest?
The Tax Digest is a permanent record generated from real, personal, and business personal property records and values compiled by the Tax Assessor’s office.
What does it take to make a change to the permanent record?
  • An act of Government.

  • The Board of Commissioners must approve all reductions to the digest with the exception of a Court Order or a Board of Equalization Decision (when the assessment of property was appealed).

  • By changing the permanent record values the net taxable amount may increase or decrease the final Digest figure which also adjusts the total amount that each entity would have received based on the original document.

  • These changes are not in great amounts but adjustments due to many factors play a part in the amount of funds each entity actually receives.
What determines the amount of tax you pay?
  • Each entity sets and adopts their budget for maintenance and operations for the fiscal year.

  • A millage rate is set and adopted based on the amount of funds needed to satisfy the various budgets adopted for each entity.

  • This is accomplished by using the 40% net taxable values on the digest multiplied by the millage rate to equal the funds needed to operate the County.
Who oversees the Digest process?
  • Before collection on a digest may begin it must be certified by the Tax Commissioner and delivered to the Georgia Department of Revenue.

  • The Department of Revenue reviews all advertisements to the citizens and the steps taken to adopt the millage rate prior to issuing the order for collection to the Tax Commissioner. This process happens every year.

  • After the collection order is issued then the Tax Commissioner can start the billing process.
When are property tax bills mailed and due?
  • Real Estate, Personal, and Business Personal Property Tax Bills are mailed by September 15th and due November 15th each year. Owners are given 60 days from issue date to make payment.

  • State Law allows the office to accept a U. S. Postmark (not postage meter) of November 15th as evidence of timely payment.
Who should receive a tax bill and where will it be mailed?
  • The property owner of record (listed on deed filed in the Clerk of Superior Courts office) as of 1 January of each year.

  • If you purchased property after 1 January the bill will be mailed to the owner of record as of 1 January. This individual should forward the bill to you but if this doesn’t happen it is the New Owners responsibility to contact the Tax Commissioner’s office to obtain a copy of the bill and make payment by the due date.

  • Addresses are required to be provided by the property owner or their attorney when filing the deed at the time of purchase.

  • Address changes for the next years billing (before August 1st ) should be made with the Tax Assessor’s office.

  • Address changes for bills that have already been issued must be submitted to the Tax Commissioner’s office to ensure proper correspondence.
What about Escrow account payments? How will the bill get to them?
  • Most Mortgage companies have a Tax Service which gathers the tax information for them and acts as a go between on your behalf and you are required to do nothing.

  • Mortgage Companies that do not have a Tax Service will let the borrower know if an action is required on their part. If your mortgage company requests for you to forward your bill to them remember to write your loan number on the bill before you send it because if the bill was issued to the owner as of 1 January and you are responsible for the bill when it is issued your mortgage company has information on you not the previous owner.
When does interest and penalties apply and how much are they?
  • Interest and penalties apply to payments received over the counter or U. S. Postmarked after December 20th.

  • Interest accrues at the rate of 12% per year (1% per month or a part of a month).

  • Cost is $5.00 for bills under $100.00 and $10.00 for bills over $100.01.

  • A one time 10% penalty applies when the bill becomes 90 days delinquent, except to homesteaded bills that are under $500.00

  • A $10.00 FiFa charge is added once the Tax Lien is recorded with the Clerk of Superior Court (this includes filing and cancellation fees).
Motor Vehicle Registration
General Information
  • Advalorem Tax is a tax based on 40% of the fair market value of your vehicle that is assessed annually and must be paid at the time of registration. Payment of Advalorem taxes is a prerequisite to receiving a tag or renewal decal. Advalorem taxes are due each year on all vehicles including vehicles that are not operational, even if a tag or registration renewal is not being applied for. Taxes must be paid by the last day of your registration period to avoid a 10% tax penalty (no less than $5.00). Tax amounts vary according to the vehicle make and model and the tax district in which the owner resides. Advalorem tax collections are distributed to the State, County, Schools, Cities and other levying authorities. This revenue will be used to fund their general operations.
Method of Payment
  • Payment may be in the form of a Company or Personal check, Money Order or Certified Funds made payable to: Echols County Tax Commissioner.
  • Checks must have name, local address (PO Boxes are not acceptable), and bank account number pre-printed on the check. Please enter your home and business phone numbers, driver’s license number, and tag number on the face of your check.
  • We cannot accept starter, counter, third party, payroll, or checks with an out of state or PO Box address. Please do not send cash through the mail.
Newly Acquired Vehicles
  • Georgia residents with newly acquired vehicles must register within 30 days of vehicle purchase. New vehicle owners must apply for a title prior to or at the time of registration. Registration and application for the title must be made in person at the office. The new owner must present a valid Georgia driver’s license. If an owner is unable to appear in person, an original notarized Power of Attorney and a copy of the Georgia driver’s license for that person must be presented at the time of registration. The Power of Attorney must include the year, make, and model and vehicle identification number of the vehicle.

  • If a bank, credit union, or other lender has applied for the title, the application for title must be received and verified by the Georgia Department of Motor Vehicles. This applies to vehicles purchased or leased. If you have leased a vehicle, you must provide the lease agreement at the time of registration.

  • If you have possession of the title and wish to make application, the back side of the original title must be completely filled out, recording the buyer name, the seller name, both signatures, the date of sale and current odometer reading. Do not use whiteout, or cross through an error on the back of a title. A notarized affidavit of correction will need to be completed which must accompany the title, and MV1 form if corrections to a title must be made. These forms are available at our office. Please note both seller and buyer may be needed to complete an affidavit of correction, depending on the error.

  • If the vehicle is purchased from an automobile dealer, the dealer assignment section must be completed with registered dealer’s name, dealers master tag number and date of sale. Latest registration information of the vehicle will be required. Valid Georgia driver’s license number, birth date, and proof of insurance requirements click here www.dor.ga.gov/ will also be required.
  Registration Bill
  • The tag renewal and registration bill is a single part, laser printed, bar coded form designed to simplify the handling and processing of your registration. The registration bill will list Advalorem taxes and tag fees due on your vehicle. You are required to complete certain information and affix your signature on the registration form in order to receive a tag or renewal decal. The registration bills are mailed out 45 days prior to the vehicle owner(s) birthday (expiration date). Registrations can only be accepted during the 30 day period preceding and ending on the vehicle owner(s) birthday.

  • We encourage registrations by mail to save time and money. Registration payments should be mailed early so as to allow time for return of your tag or renewal decal before your current tag expires on your birthday. When mailing your registration payment, please allow 7 days for processing and return of your tag or renewal decal. Registration payments must be postmarked no later than your birthday to avoid penalties. Late penalties are 10% of the Advalorem tax (no less than $5.00) plus 25% of the tag fee.

  • Registrations will be delayed and even considered late, if vehicle body color, date of birth, social security number, electronic transmission of insurance company information click here www.dor.ga.gov/ signature, or other requested information is not provided on the form. To ensure timely processing and avoid penalties, please carefully read the instructions that are included with the registration form and enter all the required information in the appropriate spaces. By completing ALL SECTIONS of the registration form, timely processing is assured and penalties avoided.

  • Not receiving a registration bill does not relieve the registrant/taxpayer from the obligation to register and pay taxes during their birthday registration period. Vehicle registration and payment of taxes are the responsibility of the registrant/taxpayer. If an annual registration bill is not received, please call 229.559.5253 to request a duplicate and a bill will be mailed to you within 7 days.
Welcome to Echols County Georgia - Tax Commissioner
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